Mixing & Mastering Services

Done how you want it with no detail being left uncovered. Professional quality and creativity well within reach. A pair of human ears willing to listen to you and be patient as I take time to make sure your vision comes to fruition. Any genre of music is welcome. The software you recorded in doesn't matter(Bonus for Logic Pro or Pro Tools).  As long you can send me the files with the BPM and tempo I can take it from there.  Looking forward to working on your music, podcast, or post production with you with you.  I strive to keep the que clear so that everyone can get You can purchase orders individually by clicking the BOOK NOW  button or check out THE ALL-IN SUBSCRIPTION  button which aims to give artists all the services they need for the music creation process at a bundled price  that includes mixing and mastering with little to no down payment, discounted beats, and formatting for all the ways music and audio are consumed. 


Submitting Music

1)I need the tempo of your music(BPM). It allows the effects and editing processes to be matched up properly so that they can compliment the song.

2)Render your song to 48 kHz   and submit all tracks in a zipped  folder. This makes sure that I have all file for each song.

3)You can submit your music by clicking  the button below. If you send after you have placed a purchase, please use the same email you used at check out. If you send it before you have checked out due to needing to make a deposit and a payment thats fine. I will reach out to you to set it up so I can get your music done in a timely fashion. 

 4)If Afterpay or Affirm does not work for you, we will set up a payment plan thats similar and to be broken down in increments of up to 12 bi- weekly payments or 6 monthly payments. With a 50% down payment for your first two purchases.(Deposits become smaller after your first two) This APPLIES TO SUBSCRIPTIONS AS WELL